Life Coaching

Terri Martha Beck

Life coaching is about you and illuminating your innate wisdom.  My approach to coaching is not about fixing you, it’s about expressing you.  I act much like a personal behavioral trainer helping you identify and realize new thought patterns, develop inner guidance, and recognize and follow your truth.

Who benefits most from my coaching style:
  • People in transition due to life events
  • People who feel stuck and sense there’s something more waiting for them
  • People who have a good life but want a great life

Is coaching right for you?

To schedule a free 20 minute conversation with me to see if coaching with me is right for you, e-mail:

How long is a coaching relationship?

The goal of coaching is to find a breakthough that will get you moving forward with clarity as quickly as possible. Coaching is generally a short term experience.  There is no universally “right” number of sessions. It’s what works for you.


  • $85.00 – one hour session
  • 3 session package $240.00 ($80.00 an hour)
  • 5 session package $375.00  ($75.00 an hour)