About Terri

E-RYT500Terri Cotts, M.Ed, is the owner of Blue Heron Yoga in Walla Walla, WA and has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1990. She holds the highest certification with Yoga Alliance – E.R.Y.T. 500 and is a certified Restorative Yoga instructor. A strong meditation practice and annual 7 to 30-day silent retreats have been the underlying support of Terri’s work since 1985. She leads retreats in such world-renowned centers as Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Breitenbush Hotsprings, and Inner Harmony. She is also a Reiki master.  For over 25 years, Terri has studied with some of the world’s finest teachers, meditation masters, and visionaries. It delights her to share the teachings she has learned and integrated.

Terri’s life has been an exploration of the spirit in the human body, from her training in body-mind centering and dance therapy at the Naropa Institute, to her years of being a dance professor at Southern Utah University and then owning studios in Seattle, Utah and Walla Walla. Her gift is the ability to guide students on a very personal and profound journey in their own bodies. Her love of life and yoga is contagious, and she is dedicated to helping her students find this same joy.

Because she understands that the condition of the mind influences the well-being of the body, Terri has also become a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. Certified Martha Beck Life CoachShe focuses on helping people integrate mind body, and spirit, and is amazed by the profound shifts coaching has on her clients. The tools she has gained in coaching are empowering and life changing. Much of the process is learning to let go of limiting beliefs and replacing them with more empowered and positive ways of thinking.

Terri takes her teaching and coaching seriously in a lighthearted way. Her classes, workshops and coaching sessions provide a safe, welcoming, and encouraging atmosphere. She teaches with skill, authenticity, and understanding.